Cutting the Cord

greg misiorek
2 min readAug 9, 2017

Like most of those who have done it, I have only cut the cord to traditional cable TV or the dummy cable. The smart cord is still necessary. Otherwise, I would not be able to write this post, would I?


As soon as I cut the cord, I found a movie on Netflix which is probably part of some premium cable package which they were trying to give me for free to keep me in.

The main reason, for which they couldn’t really find any good answers was advertising. Even if I mentioned news outlets they acted surprised as if the news is not full of commercials — on top of their political agenda or propaganda some might say in some other economic or social system.

I realize that with time, medium, too will be full of advertising, but until then I simply enjoy the simplicity of the platform, even though I know fully well, that it’s just a cover for pretty fat javascript client.

In other news, more along the main business, today’s scheduled with filled with the preparations for a major ERP go-live and even thought this is my bread and butter, I still had my interest piqued by what is happening in the world of blockchain or distributed ledgers. Again, no direct relation to the cable, but somehow is as the cable is now the main pipeline into the cloud, of which the most important application is the blockchain.

In the world of blockchain, HP made the news with its alliance with Corda and the further increase in the value of bitcoin, despite bitcash and despite the activation of segwit, apparently a big IT news but no business news as bitcoin has not wobbled or anything of the sort.

So, enjoying my first without TV (and commercials) I have decided to watch streaming. For both events, I will probably post twitter updates. One for seeing if anyone else watched the movie and had similar impressions and the other for tracking, so that this post is not left hanging out there in cyberspace after publishing.

Thank you all for reading and enjoy the rest of the day or evening, wherever you are.



greg misiorek

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